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As a member of our Material Handling Equipment, Facility, and Fleet Operations teams, you’ll manage the maintenance of over 28 million square feet of space, the operation of over 15,000 delivery vehicles, and the support of almost 22,000 pieces of material handling equipment. Here, you will be a vital part of the success of both your career and the company.

We offer a culture, reliable hours, and total rewards package that supports you, both at work and at home. We believe in the power of teamwork, and foster an environment of assistance and encouragement, with both coworkers and management alike. If you care about delivering quality service, then join us and find the support you need to succeed.


Sysco has more than 70 regional operating companies that supply products to our customers in rural and metro areas throughout the country. These companies house state of the art equipment to ensure the freshness and quality of our products, the safety and maintenance of our facilities, and the safe and efficient delivery of product to our customers. The critical equipment we utilize throughout our operating companies is supported by our Fleet, Material Handling Equipment and Facilities Maintenance teams.

Material Handling Equipment (MHE)

Our Material Handling Equipment team keeps us moving and is vital to our business. This team is responsible for the critical maintenance activities associated with the safe and efficient operation of Sysco’s Material Handling Equipment such as forklifts and pallet jacks.

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Our Facility team works to ensure that industrial refrigeration and building maintenance are supported. On this team, you’ll be responsible for the maintenance of a variety of equipment such as automatic storage and retrieval system, docks, electrical devices, and more!

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Fleet Maintenance

Our Fleet team ensures that our delivery vehicles are well maintained. You will work in-house with company-owned equipment, and be responsible for maintaining the safety, reliability, and cost efficiencies of Sysco vehicles. Maintenance positions also conduct preventative maintenance inspections and repairs, providing an expert diagnosis to improve total fleet reliability.

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All of our maintenance team members have a clear career path with three technician levels. Though each of the departments has their own set of qualifications for the technician positions, the same basic requirements and skills are applicable for all of the various levels. After the technician roles, we offer supervisor, manager, and director positions. Join us.


When you become a technician at Sysco, you gain everything from a clear career path to reliable hours and pay. Here, you’ll work in-house on company-owned equipment and be a vital part of the success for both your career and the company.

  • Compensation, benefits, and other perks offer you competitive rewards
  • Reliable hours and reliable pay with a guaranteed minimum of 40 hours each week
  • Time off and set schedules that offer you work/life balance
  • Supportive leadership and culture that celebrates a job well done
  • Work opportunities every day give you a sense of accomplishment and pride
  • Work on company-owned, state-of-the-art equipment
  • Locations in almost all major cities for career opportunities around the country
  • Earn more through 3 technician levels and management opportunities.


We focus on providing reliability and balance, both in and outside of work. In addition to guaranteeing a minimum of 40 hours each week, we offer steady hours, set schedules, and encourage time off, so you can be your best self. We believe that a supported employee is a successful employee, so we come together as a family to encourage one another.