Sr Dir, External Communications

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Company: CORP Enclave
Location: US-TX-Houston
Zip Code: 77077
Minimum Level of Education: Bachelor's Degree
Minimum Years of Experience: 5
Position Type:
Travel Percentage: 0

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We offer our associates the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, to contribute to the success of a dynamic organization, and to serve others in a manner that exceeds their expectations. We're looking for talented, hard-working individuals to join our team. Come grow with us and let us show you why we’re at the heart of food and service.



The Senior Director, External Communications is responsible for assisting to develop and execute the Communications strategy. The Senior Director is a highly visible leader within the company, based on a high level of credibility, consistency, visibility, access, and depth and breadth of knowledge. The job requires direct contact with media, operating company presidents and other senior leaders to discuss Sysco’s strategy, food and operational safety measures, operational and financial performance. This role is an official company spokesperson role. This may be a rotational position for emerging leaders needing a high-profile, broad, exposure. The primary operating objective of the Communications strategy is to educate and update internal and external audiences about the company to achieve a fair and balanced public reputation. The Senior Director, External Communications must accurately represent and reflect the company.



Strategic Thinking

  • Provides counsel and advice to senior leaders.
  • Member of the Disclosure Committee, work includes determining proper disclosure procedures are followed to avoid civil and criminal penalties for the company and its senior executives.
  • Collaborates with the VP, IR AND COMMUNICATIONS, Human Resources staff, Legal staff, Finance and IR Relations department and others in evaluating various media stories to help achieve specific goals to create a positive public perception about the company.
  • Collaborates with the VP, IR AND COMMUNICATIONS and Communications on the development of the Communications strategy, operating plan, and budget.
  • Executes the creation of publications and electronic media used in the Communications strategy. Supervises the data collection, analysis, writing and editing, and production of those materials.


Assist with Communications Strategy, Plan, and Execution

  • Collaborates with the VP, IR AND COMMUNICATIONS on the development of the Communications operating plan, and budget.
  • Member of the Crisis Communication Team, work includes being available 24/7 for timely analysis, drafting, editing, and support.
  • Supports the execution of the Communications strategy by educating and updating media
  • Creates strategy-based media messages in collaboration with selected members of the Disclosure Committee and VP, IR AND COMMUNICATIONS.
  • Keeps external audiences knowledgeable about the company.
  • Finds, supports, and encourages positive public perception of the company through conferences, presentations, meetings, media, and mailings.
  • Responds to media questions.
  • Provides training to executives and board members who may interact with the media.
  • Hosts conference calls, prepares conference call scripts and practice questions (with answers when needed), and helps lead practice sessions. Contracts for conference call services.
  • Uses statistical analysis to monitor, track and report on various Sysco mentions in the media (both traditional and social).
  • In collaboration with the VP, IR AND COMMUNICATIONS, supports the media decision-making processes through visits to operating companies, individual meetings, visits by media to company locations, and visits with appropriate other senior leaders.
  • With the VP, IR AND COMMUNICATIONS and Legal department, establishes and maintains the company’s disclosure policy.
  • Develops contracts for and directs the media database and intelligence system that supports the communications program.
  • Creates the publications and electronic media used in the Communications and IR program
  • Annual report: executes theme, content, design, production, and delivery.
  • Quarterly results and other news releases: collaborates in creating and editing.
  • Substitute leader of conference calls, both for quarterly results and special events.
  • Executes webcasts, usually in conjunction with conference calls and investment conference presentations. Contracts for webcasts.
  • Collaborates with the VP, IR AND COMMUNICATIONS on the IR website section and content.
  • Assists with media news stories.
  • Collaborates with VP, IR AND COMMUNICATIONS in making presentations and discussions about the company’s strategy including as possible speaker
  • Investor and/or Media Day: supports.
  • Presentations at media-sponsored conferences and meetings: supports.
  • Presentations at company-hosted conferences and meetings: supports.
  • Discussions with media and review of draft stories for accuracy of publicly disclosed information.
  • Collaborates with VP, IR AND COMMUNICATIONS in media discussions with Chairman, CEO, COO and CFO to verify understanding of strategy and direction.
  • Supports visits by the VP, IR AND COMMUNICATIONS and other senior leaders to editorial boards.
  • Supports visits by media to the company headquarters.
  • Supports visits by media to the company warehouses.
  • Gives presentations at internal company meetings.
  • Helps procure and prepare media to present at internal company meetings.
  • Supports the production of S.E.C. filings if needed by the legal staff.
  • Supports and attends the Annual Meeting of Analysts & Investors.
  • Creates routine analyses and reports.
  • Responds to special requests.


Feedback to the company and Board of Directors

  • Substitute leader for the company’s disclosure policy and a member of the Disclosure Policy Group, which consists of the CEO, CFO, General Counsel, Communication Officer, the VP, IR AND COMMUNICATIONS, and selected Legal and Finance staff members. Supervises and performs related analysis and creation of recommendations. Directs the record of information disclosed by the company.
  • Directs the collection, analysis, and presentation of feedback to the company of journalists’ perceptions and opinions, investor positions and summaries, and relative media coverage. The analysis is provided and presented to the senior leaders and the Board of Directors in written and oral form. In the absence of the VP, IR AND COMMUNICATIONS, this leader responds to related questions from the senior leaders and Board of Directors.
  • Drives the selection of constituencies to be surveyed about their opinions and perceptions about the company. Creates the graphic presentation of the survey results.
  • Creates the collection, analysis, and reporting of feedback from analysts, investors, and company leaders about their perceptions of the Communications program.
  • Reviews and edits the collection, analysis, and reporting of feedback from journalists, investors and company leaders for their perceptions about Strategic Communication.


Support the company through collaboration with other departments 

  • Directs strategic (integrated) communication to include strategy and assuring consistency of messages among all communicators (including internal communications, external communications, and regulatory filings).


  • Collaborates with the VP, IR AND COMMUNICATIONS staff in creating the company’s external and internal messages and in ensuring that all company external and internal communications are integrated and consistent.


  • Leads process with Communications, Government Relations, Finance, Marketing, and Legal on communication-and-media strategy, operating plan, key messages, integration and consistency of messages and efforts, product sharing, and support to operating employees for strategic communication.


  • Member of the Crisis Communication Team; work includes analysis, drafting, editing, and support.


Experience: Demonstrated 5 years progressive expereince in a communication director role

Education: Bachelors Degree



Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States.

CORP Enclave is proud to be an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer, and considers qualified applicants without regard to race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, veteran status or any other protected factor under federal, state or local law.

This opportunity is available through Sysco Corporation, its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Employment Type: Full Time