Ground Beef Production Worker

Job Description

Company: Newport Meat Pacific Northwest
Location: US-OR-Portland
Zip Code: 97230
Minimum Level of Education: Not Applicable
Minimum Years of Experience: 0-1
Position Type: Non-Exempt
Travel Percentage: 0


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We offer our associates the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, to contribute to the success of a dynamic organization, and to serve others in a manner that exceeds their expectations. We're looking for talented, hard-working individuals to join our team. Come grow with us and let us show you why we’re at the heart of food and service.


Box building: Employee will build boxes for product and place in conveyors six feet above the floor. On average 3300 boxes are built each day (approximately one every 9 seconds, or 400 per hour).


Palletizing: Employee may remove boxes of ground chuck patties weighing between 12 and 40 pounds from conveyor line and stack on pallets beginning at ground level and rising as high as 5 feet. As instructed by lead person, employee may be required to close plastic liners and fold down box flaps prior to pushing through box taper machine. May be required to sticker packages with code dates before folding box flaps for taping. On average one every 9 seconds (400 per hour).


Equipment Assembly: Employee will assemble equipment prior to startup crew arrival thus insuring equipment is ready for startup crew so they can begin operations in a safe and sanitary manner. Employee may be required to lift heavy patty plates, weighing between 20 and 100 pounds, four feet off the ground and install on machines used in the operation of the patty machines to make hamburger patties.


Patty forming: Employee will operate a patty forming machine. Employee will be required to pick up five pound stacks of patties and twist 45 degrees to place on the adjacent packaging machine or into empty poly lined boxes. On average this will be done 3,300 times per day (once every 8 seconds or 450 times per hour). When running frozen product employee may be required to fill box on loading platform and push the full box weighing between 15 and 30 pounds onto the moving conveyor, approximately 6 inches from loading platform. Employee may be required to replace patty plates weighing between 20 and 100 pounds as necessary to accommodate product production changes throughout the day. On average each machine requires between 6 and 9 product production changes daily.


Chopper Bowl: Employee will operate the chopper bowl. 400 pound meat gondolas must be rolled into place to dump into the chopper bowls. This includes dumping the proper blend of lean chuck meat and fat necessary to achieve blend ratios. Running the chopper and using the testing equipment necessary to monitor those ratios, documenting data, and maintaining HACCP sanitation and safety requirements are all essential functions in this assignment. On average, Chopper bowls will go through 50, 400 pound, gondolas daily (one every 8 minutes or 7 per hour).


Chub making: Employee will fill 5 and 10 pound bags of meat using an automated stuffer. Employee must apply force against the pressure of meat coming out of the stuffer estimated between 5 and 10 pounds. Employee may have to bend over to retrieve chubs if dumped into holding tray. Employee may be required to take retrieved chubs and place in boxes ranging in weight between 10 and 40 pounds. Employee may be required to push boxes onto conveyor belt.


Tote room duties: Employee places vendor totes of whole muscle chuck meat into the tote dumping equipment. Using meat hooks pull meat from totes into the production carts, each holding 400 pounds. Employee must observe the quality of product, watch for bones, odors, visible signs such as color, age, and any contamination. Sort and tag carts as instructed by the department supervisor. Carts weighing up to 400 pounds must then be pushed into the ground beef storage cooler. The carts are 27 inches at their highest point and must be pushed from 20 to 50 feet. On an average day 100 of these carts are filled and transported to the ground beef storage cooler. One every 4 minutes (15 per hour).


Cleaning: Employee will clean and sanitize miscellaneous parts and equipment prior to end of shift shut down. Employee may be required to remove trash and cardboard from the production area or any other duty necessary for the proper cleanliness and safe operation of the department.


Physical Requirements: Employees are required to work a 8 hour shift in a production facility kept between 36 and 37 degrees. Standing 80 percent of the time and walking 20 percent of the time. While performing the job employees will be required to twist, bend, stoop, and squat frequently for a few seconds at a time. They are required to climb a ladder on occasion. Work in the freezer and cooler occasionally for a few minutes. Heaviest weight lifted while either sitting or standing in one place is 50 to 90 pounds.

Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States.


Newport Meat Pacific Northwest is proud to be an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer, and considers qualified applicants without regard to race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, veteran status or any other protected factor under federal, state or local law.


This opportunity is available through Sysco Corporation, its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Employment Type: Full Time